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To help to assess your hearing/ your child’s hearing.
We can help to fit hearing devices on people of all ages. The fitting process starts with a thorough hearing device evaluation. History, hearing test results and the needs and lifestyle of the case is analyzed and appropriate devices are recommended. It needs to be established whether the case has a temporary or a permanent hearing condition. The degree and pattern of hearing loss is important. Whether the hearing conditon is in one or both ears is also important.
If found to have a medical condition that requires doctor’s management and treatment, referral to the medical specialist is made first – usually an Ear Nose Throat Specialist (ENT). For children, other than the ENT Specialist, follow-up with a Paediatrician is also important. If there are any other areas of concern, referral to other professionals might be warranted.


Latest @ Pwee Hearing Centre

Feb 2018
Launch of Siemens/ Sivantos Signia Nx Launch

Oticon support now available at PHC

Launch of Cochlear BAHA5 Power and BAHA SoundArc in S’pore


Dec 2017
Launch of Advanced Bionics Naida Link Hearing Aid and
Naida Link CROS in S'pore


Nov 2017
Launch of Siemens/ Sivantos Primax 2px and 1px
in S’pore
Launch of Phonak Belong Bolero-B/BR
in S’pore
Reintroducing Widex Zen Therapy


Oct 2017
Cochlear Freedom processor phasing out soon – special packages to upgrade to N6 / Kanso , Oct to Dec 2017 – contact us for more information

Sept 2017
Launch of Phonak Belong Virto Titanium-B in S’pore


July 2017
Launch of Launch of Siemens/ Sivantos Primax Pure 13 BT in S’pore

May 2017
Launch of Widex Beyond series in S’pore


Mar/Apr 2017

Launch of Phonak Belong series in S’pore: AudeoB/BR and CrosB


Mid Nov 2016 to End May 2017

Cochlear S’pore in celebration of 10yrs in SEA, another promotion on:
Upgrade N6/Kanso promotion and a Special promotion on for N6 users who are wanting to upgrade to Kanso - contact us for more information


Dec 2016
Launch of Advanced Bionics Naida CI Q90 in SingaporeLaunch of GNReSound in Singapore.
Launch of GNReSound Super Power Enzo2 in SingaporeLaunch of Cochlear Kanso (View Video) in Singapore


Oct 2016
Launch of Cochlear mini mic 2+ in Singapore


July 2016
Launch of Phonak NaidaV, SkyV and new Phonak Roger for Education portfolio (Watch Video) in Singapore.
Launch of Cochlear BAHA5 in Singapore.



4th Apr 2016 to 30th Sept 2016
Cochlear S’pore Upgrade N6 promotion, in celebration of 10yrs in SEA – contact us for more information

April 2016
Cochlear's Hear Always Plan - Cochlear celebrates their 10th yr in South East Asia, Cochlear S'pore introducing their new processor upgrade plan - contact us for more information. Launch of 'Widex UNIQUE' in Singapore

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